At Varsity Computing, we take the word [service] serious. With our same-day payroll processing, submit your payroll data by 10:00am and have your payroll on your desk by 5:00pm, if you are located in the Dallas area. Companies which are not located in Dallas, will receive their payroll the next day.

Guaranteed Accuracy


We guarantee the accuracy of our payroll services. Should we make any errors on your payroll, we will reprocess and deliver a corrected payroll the same day, should time permit, and at no additional charge. If time does not permit, your corrected payroll will be delivered the next day. We also guarantee the accuracy of all state and federal tax filings. If we make a mistake on any tax filings, we will reimburse for all penalties and interest.



Compare our service and our prices with other services. We think you will be surprised at the level of service and customer support we offer at such a reasonable price. By producing a quality product with a quick turnaround, we are able to minimize the amount of customer support required. No errors means no customer questions, which means less time per payroll cycle, which means lower costs to process payrolls.

Reporting Customization


All customers start with a standard set of accounting reports, but this does not mean that is all you get or all you can have. Many of the accounting reports, check registers, deduction registers and other payroll reports can be customized to meet your accounting requirements.



One of the most respected features of our service is that you, the business owner, is left in control of your bank account.  We do not have to draft your bank account for payroll taxes and our processing fees.  Payroll Checks, Tax Deposits and Agency Checks are written on your bank account, leaving you in control of your assets.



Our prices are “ALL INCLUSIVE” which includes:


  • Check printing
  • Accounting reports
  • Tax deposits
  • Tax filings
  • New Hires reporting
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Sales tax
  • Year-end W2’s and 1099’s