Welcome to Dallas Payroll

A full service payroll processing and payroll tax preparation company, providing quality service and accurate payroll processing since 1971.

Features and Services

  • Same day processing – in our office by 10:30, on your desk by 5:00pm.
  • Ease of use – data entry through fax, telephone, spreadsheets, time and attendance reports, etc.

Tax Payments

  • We calculate, prepare and efile your quarterly payroll tax returns.
  • At year end, we calculate, prepare and efile annual payroll tax returns.

Tax Reporting

  • Taxes are paid when due – we do not draft your bank account for payroll taxes. Your payments are paid directly to taxing authorities and not before they are due.


  • We guarantee the accuracy of our payroll processing and tax payments. We will reimburse for any penalties and interest due if we make an error.

Direct Deposit

  • Eliminate paper checks with direct deposit to employee bank accounts or to prepaid Visa cards.

New Hire Reporting

  • We will report your new hires to the proper state authority thus relieving you of this additional payroll task.

No Year End Surprises

  • No surprises – we do not charge for W2s, 1099s or any year end maintenance.


  • Your payroll data is sent to your email even before the processing is complete – you do not have to “login” to get your payroll data.
  • Flexible setup of spreadsheets – spreadsheets can contain hours, rates, wages, deductions, departments, workers compensation codes, or any combination.
  • Spreadsheets can be processed for any time period – can even cross over year end.


A Service Company

Founded as a service company, our policies and company goals are to continue to offer the finest service, processing capabilities and software to today’s ever changing information technology market.

About Us

Payroll Pricing

Our prices are “ALL INCLUSIVE” which includes: Check printing, Accounting reports, Tax deposits, Tax filings, New Hires reporting, Social Security Number verification, Sales tax, Year-end W2’s and 1099’s

Why Dallas Payroll

  • Service
  • Guaranteed Accuracy
  • Price
  • Reporting Customization
  • Control